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Getting Here: Directions, Maps and Weather

Please note that in 2011-2012, there is substantial construction on 19E from Route 26 toward Burnsville. Expect delays if you are travelling during the week during normal business hours. The rest of the time, the delays are typically minimal. The Blue Ridge Parkway is closed from January until around April 1st every year. In November and December, check carefully, because particular exits on the Parkway may be closed because of weather. Coming from I-40: A. Through Marion from Charlotte and points East     1. Take 40 West to exit 86, Marion/226. After exiting, turn right onto NC-226, going Northwest. After just over 6 miles, turn left onto US-70 West. In about 1.7 miles, turn right onto NC-80 North.     2. Go past Lake Tahoma and wind through a beautiful forested area on a curvy road, passing several trout farms where you could stop and fish for your meal. They'll clean the fish for you and you can take it with you.     3. You travel under the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is 4.5 miles from the cabins. Continue north on Hwy 80 through Busick going down the mountain until you see a sign that says "Black Mountain Campground." This is South Toe River Road. Turn left.     4. You are now on South Toe River Rd, which winds along the edge of the golf course. This road changes from asphalt to gravel as you enter Pisgah National Forest. Continue on the gravel for about 1 mile; you will pass a picnic area on the right by the South Toe River.     5. Our mail box, numbered 2026, is across the road on your left from the cabin entrance. Turn right between two rock columns and a black gate. Your cabin, "Elohi," is on the left.
This is the view of the entrance to the cabin property showing the driveway. B. Through Old Fort (I-40 Exit 72)     1. Take Hwy 70 at Old Fort until you reach Hwy 80 (look for Little Siena Restaurant on the left), approximately 8 miles. Turn left onto 80 North. (If you pass the Lowe's you've gone too far.)     2. Follow the directions above, beginning with A.2. C. Coming from I-26 or I-40 (west of Asheville) or Asheville itself:     1. At Asheville, connect with 19/23 North (also called future I-26 W).     2. Take Exit 9 at Hwy 19E toward Burnsville. Continue on Hwy 19E passing by Burnsville toward Spruce Pine. This distance is approximately 20 miles from Exit 9 to the Micaville Loop below.     3. Turn right onto the Micaville Loop to connect with Highway 80 South, turning right to continue on Hwy 80 South. You will pass through the small communities of Celo and Hamrick.Continue past the Carolina Hemlocks Campground. You'll see Mt. Mitchell Golf course on your right. Your turn is coming up soon.     4. When you pass Mt. Mitchell Golf Course, turn right onto South Toe River Road.     5. Follow A.4, above. D. Coming from Spruce Pine     1. Take 19 west from Spruce Pine until you reach the turnoff for Hwy 80. Take 80 South, going through Micaville and follow the directions under C.3. E. Coming from the North (Johnson City, TN):     1. Follow I-26E into North Carolina     2. Take Exit 9, and follow the directions from C.2 above. F. Coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway:     1. Take the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Burnsville-Marion Route 80 exit at approximately mile marker 343. If you are coming North on the Parkway from Asheville, you will go through the Twin Tunnels just before you get to that exit.     2. When you get off the Parkway, follow Route 80 North toward Burnsville. Pick up the directions at A.3 above. Here's a small map to help you orient relative to Hwy 80.
People ask us about how accessible the cabin is in winter? That's one of the other things we love about it: the cabin is on a flat road that generally does not require four wheel drive in any season for the year. We do get snow in the winter sometimes - but usually it melts within a couple of days. The Blue Ridge Parkway is closed in winter, but you can always get there through Burnsville. Winter brings a peace and serenity that you don't find in the summer - but it's great that this experience includes a warm cabin and a fireplace! Having said this, if you are renting from us in winter, please do watch the weather forecasts, especially for snow. The last mile of road to the cabin is a US Forest road (that's the gravel part), which is not plowed. Looking for the weather forecast for this region? Here's Ray's Weather. For information about hunting season in North Carolina, please consult the following Hunting and Trapping Summary.
DIRECTIONS 80 80 begin Forest Service Road #472 (gravel). One mile to cabin. to Black Mtn campground Our Cabin on the Creek Neilís Creek South Toe River South Toe River South Toe River Road South Toe River Road Mt Mitchell Golf Course J & Jís Grill